Friday, September 17, 2004


I can't boast that I have reached the degree of sophistication that I one day would like to achieve in blogging, but I have been very evangelical about it and have been starting blogs left right and centre.
Here is one Louise started & she has handed over to me
Assessment Validation
I have also started one for a group of people I am studying with at UTS.

I am thinking of incorporating some E-learning into my Masters, but I might have to be creative about it as units on e-learning are generally only offered to people enrolled in that degree.
At one level I feel as if I am making progress in online learning, but then today I read an article on the CILT site about Mlearning & I realise I am only splashing about in the shallow end.
I try to encourage staff to look at the blogs we have started , but they are not always as enthusiastic as I am & I realise that we as educators and colleagues have to be relaxed about how people deal with these activities.
As a participant in 2 Learnscope projects this year, I am reflecting on how different the ways in which we can learn to use technology. As an adult educator, we are told (and it is intuitive) to go from the known to the unknown , but it almost does not matter in the case of online learning. Whilst a beginner needs to have some skills,& confidence, it does not matter that they do not , for example, know basic packages like Word, before they can blog.Instead of a linear & accumulative development of skills it feels to me more like being surrounded by a flight of butterflies and trying to catch hold of one or two for a closer look!


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