Monday, June 14, 2004

Some interesting bits on blogging

An example of a group activity blog for college tourism degree students. Task: work in groups all semester to create media kits promoting an event or region. One group has been working on a ficititious mountain-bike festival in North Vancouver. Like the other groups, their kit consisted of items like a brochure, a media release, an article, and a Website about the event.
"The Shore" Mountain Bike Festival 2005

Posting of minutes of a meeting or conference
Minutes of Distance Learning Contacts Audio Conference (6/10/2004)

College Counsellor’s Noticeboard
The College Blog

A blog set up for trainee teachers of literature
Literacy & Technology Instructor's EduBlog

Springfield Technical College Library blog
STCC Library 'blog

A fascinating blog (more like a journal) by Aaron about teaching English in China.
Chinglish - TEFL in China

A good article on how to promote your blog
Promote your Blog

Kay Trammel did a PhD on blogging
so this is mass communication?


At 16 June 2004 at 12:16 am, Blogger deborah wall said...

Promote your blog gives good advice on content, links for students and teachers and suggestions on activities for ESL teachers and students.

It's targeted to ESL teachers. Clear on purpose and audience.

Other interest groups will get the idea.


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