Monday, November 08, 2004

Hi everyone

Yesterday's wrap-up session was great - exciting to hear what practitioners are doing. I have to say that this Learnscope project is the most successful one I have ever been involved with (it's my fifth). Wendy, you have been inspirational and the group really benefited from having Sean as a trainer/facilitator.
Without a class to practice on, my own personal blogging has gone no-where, I am afraid to say, but I am very keen to get a moodle going for General Education and Access in Ultimo, so we can work more closely together.
I thought about the mini- moodle training I needed and wondered whether Sean had time to spend with Brian Mclauchlan, Joan Reeves and myself with a view to a Building D moodle for teachers and head teachers.
I hope we can start our moodle over the holidays, ready for teachers to join when they arrive back refreshed next year.
Thank you Wendy for all your energy and enthusiam - wish you could bottle it!
Hope everyone comes along to our end of project celebration, planned for December.

See you there!


At 16 November 2004 at 3:38 pm, Blogger louise said...

Could not agree more Alison - I think the more HOD's, Head teachers, teachers who learn to moodle the better - we could have something very powerful here...
Thanks to Sean and Wendy again for a great project and look forward ot getting some moodle training in the new year.


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